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There’s no denying that social media is a marketing powerhouse, and it’s here to stay. While email marketing is still the most lucrative form of online marketing, social media is where interaction happens.

A consistent social media strategy can help you build brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, create connections with your audience and even get you more sales!

The good news is that your social media strategy doesn’t have to be time-consuming or overwhelming. Below, I’m going to share 3 simple strategies that will save you a ton of time on your social media content creation.

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create themed days

If you’re the kind to sit at your computer only to have your mind go blank, this is for you!

I’ve struggled with this for a long time, and I finally found a solution that works: themed days. You see, when we have total freedom to choose a topic from an infinite number of choices, our minds draw blank. It’s totally natural – it goes beyond the scope of what we can imagine, kind of like thinking about how huge the universe really is.

When you narrow down your number of choices, that’s when inspiration strikes. When you sit down and think about what to post on social media, there are no guidelines. “Whatever you want” is often more of a curse than a blessing.

Themed days solve this problem by offering you a defined set of parameters to guide your content creation. If you’re worried about your content becoming repetitive, let me reassure you – it won’t. In fact, it’s the best way to ensure you create a variety of social media content that appeals to your audience.

Using the themed day strategy is really simple – you set a theme for each day of the week, then you create posts based on these themes.

social media content themed days

Did someone say “Work In Bed Wednesday?”

Here are some theme ideas you can use:

  • Monday – Monday Magic, Monday Motivation, Meditation Monday
  • Tuesday – Tuesday Tip, Tuesday Testimonial
  • Wednesday – Wednesday Wisdom, Wednesday Win, Wellness Wednesday
  • Thursday – Thursday Thoughts, Thriving Thursday, Throwback Thursday, Thankful Thursday
  • Friday – Freebie Friday, Friday Fun, Follow Friday
  • Saturday – Saturday Sale, Saturday Spotlight
  • Sunday – Sunday Story, Self-Care Sunday, Selfie Sunday

Feel free to mix and match these themes for more variety! Nothing’s stopping you from doing regular Tuesday Tips and a monthly Tuesday Testimonial.

You also don’t need to use alliteration in your themes – I just like how they sound! If you’re a health blogger, you could post about stress relief on Mondays, healthy foods on Tuesdays, physical activity on Wednesdays, vitamins and supplements on Thursdays, and so on.

Ok, now that I’ve spilled all my secrets on this topic… let’s look at how to make the most of your themed days.

plan your social media content in advance

If you’re not doing this already, it’ll change your life!

Many of us can’t afford to get on social media every day and post something. We inevitably get sucked into a spiral of cute kitten videos (not that this ever happened to me or anything… ok, maybe it did!)

Planning and scheduling your social media content in advance is faster, easier and more productive.

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.”

Dale Carnegie

Try to plan for an entire month if you can. Pick a day, like the last Wednesday of the month for example, and schedule the next month’s social media content. If you can’t do that, it’s ok – you can start with weekly planning. As you get better and faster, you’ll eventually be able to do more at once.

social media content planning

Reduce your stress by scheduling some time each month to plan your monthly social media content.

You can use Trello with a calendar power-up, Google Calendar, an Excel spreadsheet, a paper planner, it’s totally up to your preference.

Plan each post from the caption to the hashtags, and don’t forget to include links and images. On occasion, you may want to take a candid photo on a certain day, like Selfie Sunday, but in general most of your images should be ready to go.

If you’re posting daily, this strategy alone will massively reduce your social media stress!

use a social media scheduler

Once your social media content is planned and ready to go, you need to schedule it. Facebook has a built-in scheduling tool, and while it works kind of okay, I strongly suggest investing in a social media scheduler.

It took me a long time to get sold on the idea of a social media scheduler, but I finally gave in and tried it. Let me just say that I’ll never go back to Facebook Publishing Tools!

One of the most useful features of the schedulers (at least the one I’m using, RecurPost) is the ability to create different libraries, fill them up with content, create recurring schedules for each library and let the scheduler do its thing!

For example, if you have a Self-Care Sunday theme, you may want to create four posts on the topic of self-care, load them up into your Self-Care category, and they’ll automatically go out on Sundays without you having to lift a finger. Create four posts for each day of the week, and you’re all done with your content for the month.

Suddenly, it sounds doable, right?

social media content woman in bed behind laptop

Are you as captivated as I am by social media schedulers?

I haven’t told you the best part yet – your posts can be recycled! Let’s say you’re doing Freebie Fridays. You can load up your freebies in your library, and they’ll cycle through every Friday. Once the scheduler has run through each of your freebies, it’ll simply start over from the beginning.

This means your audience gets multiple chances to see your freebies, and it’s zero extra work for you! Once your libraries start growing, you can schedule old blog posts to go out once or twice a week in addition to your regular content. Those will cycle through as well, giving your audience the opportunity to catch up on your previous content.

If you come across articles that could be of interest to your audience, or funny memes, or quotes you’d like to share, you can also add those to your libraries. I promise you, it’s really cool!

adjust your strategy as needed

When used together, the 3 tips I just shared are extremely powerful. Once you start getting comfortable with the strategy above, you’ll be able to create your social media content for a whole month in a single afternoon!

Keep in mind that these steps are optimized for Facebook, since it’s what I use the most. However, the strategy can easily be tweaked to your favorite platform by adjusting story types and frequency of updates.

For example, you’ll need shorter, more frequent updates for Twitter. If you’re mostly on Instagram, you’ll want to plan for lots of visual content with short captions. Try sprinkling in live updates when you feel inspired (your audience loves that), and don’t forget to plan for some live videos!


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